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Team Approach to Wealth Management

Posted by Busey Bank on Sep 22, 2021 10:45:54 AM
Busey Bank

When it comes to your finances, planning for the future may be difficult to do on your own. Professional help is available, but you’ll want to consider the approach your professionals take—do you find a single advisor or a wealth management team? While a single advisor can have its benefits, many individuals are favoring a team of specialists over a single jack-of-all trades. How can this holistic approach work for you?

Individual Expertise

One advisor cannot provide the same quality as a team of specialized advisors; they simply don’t have all the technical expertise necessary to produce the best result for the client. Busey Wealth Management deploys a team approach—centered around your needs—with local service you expect and the comprehensive wealth management solutions you deserve. While there will still be a primary advisor, you’ll also have access to a team of professionals with experience in all areas of financial management—asset management, financial and investment analysis, estate and tax planning, insurance review, private banking and fiduciary services to individuals, municipalities, public entities, businesses, not-for-profits and foundations.

Group Perspective

An effective group of advisors will bounce ideas off each other, working together to uncover the best strategies and provide fresh perspectives for achieving your unique goals. Busey Wealth Management’s growing team of credentialed experts support your comprehensive wealth management and commercial needs. Recognized by Pensions & Investments as a Best Place to Work in Money Management since 2018, we’re also proud to welcome new team members, who offer expanded opportunities and continued progress.

With nearly a century of strength and service, Busey Wealth Management has the expert knowledge and resources to serve your unique financial needs, now and in the future. Contact the experts today at 1.800.67 l Busey to develop a strategy.

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